Funny Wedding Cake Toppers You Can Use to Inspire Yourself

One of the best things about trying to come up with funny wedding cake toppers is that there is literally hundreds of great ideas already out there on the internet. Whether you decide to go with something just like the one you see or it gives you the perfect idea, it does not really matter – so long as you wind up coming up with a great wedding cake topper!

If you are struggling at all for ideas, though, this set might be just what you are looking for. It’s quick, easy and effective for both giving yourself laughs and maybe even coming up with a little idea or two for your own funny wedding cake toppers!

Marquette University Wedding Cake Toppers

Marquette University MU Cake Toppers

This Marquette University cake toppers set is perfect for any bride and groom to inspire themselves for the upcoming big day. Going back in time to pick out something that really means a lot to you both can be a great idea, and this couple decided to commemorate their respective sports teams. The Cubs and the White Sox are the team of choice. The groom has a black suit on with a white shirt, and had his Cubs hat on. The bride has her white wedding dress on, with a White Sox hat on as well.

Family Cake Topper for 10 Year Anniversary

Family Cake Topper for 10 Year Anniversary

Sometimes you don’t just need to be celebrating a wedding with the traditional bride and groom style. If you are a little older, why not go for something a little bit more like this? This family cake topper for 10 year anniversary style is absolutely perfect for anybody who wants to mark the time they have spent together as a family. Getting every member of the family represented can be a great idea, and really gives everybody something to remember on the wedding cake topper!

Bride on Swing Wedding Cake Toppers

Park Swings Cake Toppers

It’s nice to commemorate the big moments in your history together as a couple in your wedding cake toppers, and this couple done just that with a great bride on swings wedding cake toppers set. The idea behind the design was to try and capture where the groom proposed to the bride. He is wearing his black suit, and she is in her wedding dress as she sits on a swing covered in vines. This picturesque design can be perfect if you both like the story of your engagement.

Love On The Moon Wedding Cake Toppers

Standing on The Moon Cake Toppers

Plenty of us have zany and interesting hobbies and habits, and this couple clearly had an interest in things beyond this planet! This love on the moon wedding cake toppers set depicts the bride in her wedding dress standing side by side with a groom in an astronaut outfit – complete with the moon below them as the stand! This is a great wedding cake topper and stands to represent everything that you want to see in a wedding cake topper. There’s nothing better than a little bit of fun at each other’s expense on the biggest day of your lives, is there?

San Francisco Giants Stadium Cake Toppers

Couple Standing Inside of San Francisco Giants Stadium Cake Toppers

Getting your other love into the wedding is important for a lot of people getting married – and for most of us this is a sports team. This couple obviously has no including what was a huge part of their lives into the theme for the big day, so why should you? This San Francisco giants stadium cake toppers idea is brilliant for letting everyone know where your allegiances lie. The bride stands there in her white wedding dress holding the baseball, while the groom has a giants uniform on as they stand inside the Giants stadium – how cool is that?

Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

Bride Sitting Sideway on Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

Just like it can be hard to leave out your sports team, leaving out your bike can be hard for many who take to the roads in this fashion. Thankfully, this motorcycle wedding cake toppers idea is absolutely perfect for designing the right type of wedding cake topper that you want. It’s got character, with the couple both dressed informally and sitting on the bike. The groom is in a pair of jeans, a vest and a t-shirt while the bride is in a red dress and heels, with a rose in her hair. They look ready for having fun, so set the tone for the rest of your own marriage with something similar!

Groom Playing Guitar Cake Toppers

Cheerleader Guitar Player Cake Toppers

Your wedding day won’t look anywhere near as vibrant and personal if you don’t try and add the right type of style to your big day. This groom playing guitar cake toppers idea can be perfect if you fancy yourself as a bit of a player. The groom is standing there in a black vest, black trousers and boots playing a song while the bride is wearing her white wedding dress with two blue and white pompoms. This is a brilliant little cake topper, and if you want to commemorate your days on the guitar then make sure you sure you go for something similar to this!

Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

Rat Fink and Minnie Mouse Cake Toppers

I genuinely burst out laughing when this Minnie mouse cake topper popped up on my browser. The attention to detail is absolutely outstanding, and it’s a great way to portray yourself on your big day. We all have nicknames for our other half; it’s just quite funny that some of us would choose to depict ourselves like those nicknames on the big day! Nonetheless, it’s got all the attributes needed to be considered a truly funny wedding cake topper.

Couple In Traditional Dress Cake Toppers

CC0360-Couple in Traditional Dress of Brazil and Switzerland Cake Toppers

This couple hail from Brazil and they really wanted to show that off in this couple in traditional dress cake toppers set. You should always be proud of your countries heritage and if you want to express that nationality at your wedding, why not go for the same idea? You can be as subtle or dramatic as you want, but national pride can be a brilliant way to celebrate a huge day together. Whatever you decide to go for, this style is always a great way to get started!

Groom Playing PS3 Wedding Cake Toppers

Groom Playing PS3 Gamer Theme Wedding Cake Toppers

Gaming isn’t just for kids, you know! This groom playing ps3 wedding cake toppers set is testament to that, showing a brilliant design of a groom having plenty of fun as he charges away on his PS3, while his bride looks on less than impressed! If you want to go for a similar design then why not incorporate your favourite game onto the screen, too? This guy was a big CoD player but you might prefer something different – either way, it’s a really smart idea for a wedding cake topper!

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